Services for Universities and Families

Services for Universities and Families

Costs and Insurance Risks of Study Abroad Programs: The Critical Incident Database (CID)

The Forum on Education Abroad’s Critical Incident Database is created by a group of Universities with Study Abroad programs to report statistics of incidents that occur involving their students during their time abroad. These incidents are organized by and include violations of the Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Title IX, and otherwise. According to the 2014 CID Report based on the participation of 38 Institutions:

A total of 313 incidents, in 49 countries, occurring every single day of the week
Over 50% of incidents occurred in EUROPE
The vast majority of incidents occurred during free time
Almost 40% reported poor judgement and alcohol as a contributing factor
58 total Clery reportable incidents (including 2 deaths)
The main oversight of Clery, VAWA, and Title IX, is that if the incident is neither Title IX reportable nor on official institutional property, it is not covered by any of the three laws, rendering students during free time vulnerable to crimes for which they are not protected by American Higher Education legislation.

Importance of Comprehensive Pre-Trip Materials: Munn v. Hotchkiss
The Munn v. Hotchkiss case involved a student on a school trip to China with her class. She contracted encephalitis from a tick while in China. Unfortunately, the pre-trip materials provided by the school did not mention protection against ticks, only mosquitos. Thus, the student suffered a terrible illness, and the school was found liable for $41 million in damages. Osint Centre can provide Universities with a comprehensive package of pre-trip materials created by American expats and Italians that can ensure that this will not occur during any University Study Abroad Program in Italy. 

Services Provided by Osint Centre to Protect Families and Universities

For Universities

Online Training Program

Osint Centre offers a training program for students prior to arrival in Italy. These videos prepare students for the cultural and social environment in which they will be studying, and how to avoid potential travel dangers. The training is provided to member Universities to be shown to the student group before departing. 

Orientation Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to Italy, Osint will present a safety and security orientation for the students of member universities. This will elaborate specifically on the framework laid out in the Online Training Program. At the Orientation, Osint will provide to students a Unique Assistance Number for them to reach Osint in case of any questions, concerns, or emergencies. 

Security & Legal Services

Osint provides the following services to member Universities:
-Decreased insurance liability and responsibility
-Drafting personalized security policies
-Unique Assistance Number for students and staff
-Defensive investigation in the event of any legal arbitration in Italy

For Families

Health Safety

Included in our Online Training Program is a section on health safety, which highlights safety precautions for health dangers specific to Italy. Health safety precautions are continued at Orientation Upon Arrival. In case of emergency, students can call Osint’s Unique Assistance Number, created for member universities.

Private Investigation for Families

In the event of a crime or crisis, Osint Centre can provide private investigative services to the family and child abroad in Italy. The services of our qualified and experienced personnel will help your family in your time of need to protect your child from any future harm.

Body guarding/Security Steward

Osint Centre provides bodyguard services that can be used during any event where students will be present. This includes Holidays, group travel, political demonstrations, and more.

For safety & security issues, Osint Centre provides student security services at Via Brunelleschi 1

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