English investigation agency in Italy

Staff exclusively from the following Investigation Units:

Osint Centre is an intelligence agency constituted exclusively of professionals from the State Police, DIA, Criminalpol and Carabinieri Operating Groups, highly specialised in conducting investigations for the collection of evidence in civil and criminal legal proceedings in order to obtain all the evidence necessary to overcome the burden of proof.

With headquarters in London and a branch in Italy, the Centre operates in the field of private intelligence and public administration, providing each customer with a precise, tailor-made and reliable response to all types of security needs. The agency is duly authorised by the Prefecture of Florence to run investigations according to the art. 134 of T.U.L.P.S., and specialises in the legal and social fields. Highly qualified staff handle the gathering of evidence in favour of the defence, investigations for the confirmation of alibis and witness tracing, calligraphic and dactylographic assessments, audio investigations, investigation into the trustworthiness of witnesses, DNA analyses and comparative paternity tests, toxicological analyses, and ballistic reports.
icona di sicurezza

Senior Manager certified

Osint Centre Ltd is a registered trademark of a proven reliable organisation, formed by senior security managers certified by Cepas ("Qualified professional training and certification"), who have already been, or still are, responsible for business operations on an international level.
icona del globo

International headquarters

Osint Centre operates on a global level thanks to the presence of 2 headquarters, located in London and Florence respectively. The company is therefore able to cover an international spectrum, mixing skills and coordinating persons and resources from each of our headquarters, forming a heterogeneous cultural foundation.

Our Departments

Finally, with regard to the individual departments of the company, they are mainly divided into 3 types:

The Confidential Department, dealing with intelligence services to maintain the confidentiality of documents and information

The Security Guard Department, dealing with the world of internal and external security of organisations and private companies, with an initial line of defence constituted of security guards, which allows us to guarantee the best working conditions

The Security Software Department, dealing with the world of the web, and in particular the management of software dedicated to information security, online access and defence against external threats and hackers

Curriculum Vitae

General Director  Giorgio Serni

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