For International Lawyers

For International Lawyers

Osint has a highly qualified personnel who handle the gathering of evidence in favor of the defense. We cover alibi and witness track-down, handwriting and document verification, sound and audio evaluation, DNA analysis and comparative paternity testing, toxicology analysis, and ballistic appraisal. Osint Centre specializes in open source intelligence techniques that our agents use to obtain all information available on the internet. Our Forensic Investigative Relations™ reduces our customers' decision-making times by 70% and increases by 80% the chance of succeeding in legal proceedings and to overcome the burden of proof, compared to the market.
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Specialised Assistance for International Law Firms

  1. Investigations to ascertain disloyalty of associates and/or employees in order to obtain “onus probandi” burden of proof
  2. Research and inquiry into the effective application of contracts between headquarters abroad and branch offices in Italy
  3. A Security Audit service, whose goal is to examine the process or business initiative, examining in depth weak points and their causes, bettering the internal bureaucracy of the business and scrutinizing the aspects that inspect management costs.
  4.  Gathering of verbal witness testimony for the defense in trial preparation 
  5. Access to processual documents and documents relating to eliminatory investigations of the accused
  6. Any additional investigative expertise upon the request of law firms

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