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Class Action Lawsuits in Italy

Fraudulence and false litigation are often hidden behind legal suits and questionable class actions. Osint Centre offers its services to the companies that are continuously faced with reported allegations of illicit misdemeanors with the sole purpose of collecting legal fees, which sometimes reach significant figures. Quite often, the signatories of the denouncer are not aware of the fraudulent act, and are victims themselves of the same scam.  
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Savings strategies

Based on the aforementioned, Osint Centre has developed a strategy to help avoid over 90% of direct damage, thanks to a method based on the analysis of databases, interviews and cross-referencing with other sources. As a result, we are able to oppse the perperators of said fraudulent activity in the most effective way.
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First of all, we analyse the complaint, then we proceed to investigate the organisation that supposedly coordinates such class actions or claims for compensation. Finally, we analyse the databases, perform calligraphic analyses and interviews with a sample of the signatories of the complaint, to find out if they are aware of such legal action and if their signature is actually authentic.

A valid method for all businesses

The strategy adopted by Osint Centre has already had positive outcomes in large national companies, and can be applied to all private and non-operating agencies in the telephone, transport, ecology, as well as in the pharmaceutical and lottery management sectors.
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Class Action Disputes

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