Student Security Abroad

Student Security Abroad

Osint Centre is an English organization authorized by the Interior Minister of the Italian government with a satellite office in Florence. We provide private investigative services and security. Osint specializes in services to students, Universities, and families of students participating in Study Abroad programs in Italy. 

Many Universities have Study Abroad programs in Florence, Milan or Rome which provide and enriching and exciting experience for their students. However, living abroad raises difficulties and dangers. Osint Centre offers an orientation and education security program to member universities that helps ease the transition to living in Italy while protecting your students from potential harm. 

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Osint Centre offers safety and security services to universities with Study Abroad programs in Italy. These services help protect against potential crimes involving our member university’s Students, as well as the investigation of any crimes that have occurred. Osint provides risk abatement and responsibility concerning insurance companies of member universities and personalized security policies for students.
Please click on the “Service for Universities & Families” tab for additional information.

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