Organized Crime Infiltration

Management of hazardous waste disposal in Italy

Due to a specific certified professionality, Osint Centre is able to offer to business clientele and to any type of entity a management service of hazardous waste disposal at a certified high quality. This is in order to combat organized crime entities that could damage the production process for various industries.
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Prepared and qualified personnel

Our business personnel are prepared and specialised to offer a valid legal tool both in terms of the investigators, who possess the requirements for investigations into waste materials, and in terms of retaliation of potential third or involved dependents on the part of a private business.
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Legal protection

The procedures will be managed and controlled by a staff specialised in the legal protection of companies and their management, with a strong legal imprint, which aims to relieve the client from the criminal responsibilities related to the management and disposal of hazardous waste. These procedures will also focus on strict controls that will be carried out on all components, both internal and external to the company, involved in the hazardous waste management process.

Key points of our policy

Our activities are accomplished at Osint Centre with a specific Prefecture License, which allows the prevention of risky situations, in addition to lifting and limiting the penal and civil responsibilities of the client, eventually established from a court sentence. The key points of our politics of waste management are as follows:
  • The implementation of specific audits for hazardous waste management
  • The planning and the concrete development of hazardous waste management procedures aimed at protecting the company and its management
  • The implementation of intelligence operations designed to outline and verify external partner companies in the waste treatment and disposal chain
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Waste Management brochure

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