Investigations for the Burden of Proof

Osint Center LTD operates with discretion and efficiency in the fields of unlawful competition, counterfeiting, associate and employee infidelity, industrial investigations and economic solvency. We offer our clients all the necessary information to avoid fraudulent activity and scams of any kind.

Verification of Absenteeism

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Absenteeism is a phenomenon that has increased and is unpredictable. It forces the employer to revise the schedules and adopt measures to replace the absent worker. Therefore, absences influence the business negatively, causing an increase in costs. Quite often, the employee carries out activities incompatible with their state of health during the declared illness. Examples of such activity are the practice of sports and/or other types of jobs that an employee who is sick would not usually be capable of doing. In this case an investigation run by the INPS ("National Institute of Social Security"), both upon the request of the employer and against payment, rarely leads to any results because the system is easily fooled. Moreover, these results would not be legally valid.

An effective check on prolonged, methodical, unjustified, or doubtful absenteeism is necessary. It provides the company the authority to verify the effective veracity of each case, as well as the fulfillment of the obligations expected by contract and by law.

If an employee is repeatedly absent and the company has suspicions that the causes of absence from work do not correspond to those declared and certified, Osint Centre LTD is able to provide a detailed report along with elements of proof that can be used to protect the rights of the company.

With tested procedures and swift timing, our agency will acquire all relevant information to the case and identify anomalies, such as an employee carrying out work on their own and/or for third parties, or an employee being present in places that are not compatible with the illness declared during the absence.
The evidence collected can be used to initiate legal and judicial procedures to the point of termination for just cause of the absentee employee. In the case of a business with more than 15 employees, Osint Centre LTD conducts the pertinent investigations with full respect of the statute of the workers, of the laws in effect, and without any privacy violations.

The verdict 6236/2001 of the Court of Appeals recognizes the legitimacy of businesses to verify the veracity of the state of an illness. The business may effectuate investigations of the truant employees and seek help from private investigation for the achievement of such objective. The same Privacy Guarantee, under the appeal of a terminated truant employee, reaffirmed opinion after 09/11/2000 the lawfulness of investigative service having been carried out to satisfy a legitimate need of the employer to verify a law of the judicial branch. 

Evaluation of Professional Fidelity of Associates and Employees

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At the head of companies there can be unpleasant situations where one or more shareholders no longer have the best interest of the business in mind, but only their personal self-interest. Parallel businesses are often set up where customers, suppliers, and company resources are diverted, with serious damage to other associates and to the business venture itself. Sometimes, even the smallest doubt or suspicion in a relationship of trust can cause harm.

Scams of employees and members can be of various types: from the extraction of information on the development of new products, to technological innovation or commercial and financial news for improper use, up to the most subtle instructions to feed a competitive project or even to "clone" a parallel competitor company.

Today, the resources to take personal advantage of classified ideas and selected knowledge are more accessible now than ever before. This information allows employees and partners to illegally put together competitive plans, to imitate moves with timeliness and refinement, exploiting all services and entrepreneurial strategies, the product being other people's or personal profit.

The competitive advantage of a company is defined by its ability to guard and defend the integrity of the company assets, with greater intensity and competence than the threat of potential workers or collaborators that can cause damage to your interests.

Particular attention must also be paid to the role that commercial agents, even if single-members, have within a structure. Price lists, customer records, business strategies, strong points, possible distribution gaps, can become information that competitors use to elaborate strategies.

An investigation by Osint Centre LTD can remove all doubts or otherwise allow the company to take action against those who are harming the company. Our organisation is able to ascertain, with witnesses and irrefutable documentation, any unlawful conduct on the part of members, employees or collaborators. The ultimate goal of Osint Centre LTD is to provide assessment tools to monitor and control the competitive advantages over the actions of unreliable people inside the company.

The Court of Appeal has declared that any evidence collected by the employer, by means of an investigative agency, to demonstrate breaches of contract, is legitimate.

In order to construct an efficient, informative relationship and render itself lucrative and accomplished, Osint Centre Ltd conducts the following verifications:

• Survey of activities and behaviours that constitute legal and moral violation of the fidelity obligation
• Verification of secondary activities, competitive or in any way incompatible with the main activity
• Infidelity of employees, associates, and collaborators.

Investigations into unfair competition, theft, and inventory shortages

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Controls and information, theft and shortages of employees, partners and collaborators are more than ever a reality and sometimes take on particularly subtle forms, resulting in a lot of confidential information or assets being leaked out of the company.

Information is continually worth more money and power. Illicit behaviours and mistakes by a few employees are harmful for the company. The work performed by a competitor of the employer for profit constitutes a violation of trust, which is classed as extreme fraud.

Osint Center LTD reconstructs any unauthorised routes and suspicious methods, external or internal to the company, allowing the employer to adopt suitable structures for prevention and safety in order to reduce risks and turnover losses to a minimum.

We handle investigations, analyses, and research of our determined subjects' behaviour, with identification of evidence that demonstrates illigal competition, scams, and information leaks that can harm the corporate image.

Wilful misconduct or gross negligence can lead to disciplinary dismissal, in other words the most serious sanction applicable to a worker in terms of dishonesty, wilful misconduct, or violation of contractual obligations of obedience, diligence, and fidelity.
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