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Private investigations for Private Citizens and Legal Studies in the city of Florence

For us, it's essential

For OSINT, confidentiality is a sphere that is wider than that of secrecy, a sphere of restraint, discretion, facts and news which are exclusively owned by our Client.

OSINT has the obligation to maintain confidentiality for the clients they are assisting, individuals who may need to keep certain facts of their private life concealed, without having to provide justification to third parties.

Our personnel
                                                                Personnel from the following Investigation Units:
                                                          STATE POLICE - DIA - CRIMINALPOL - CARABINIERI

The Confidential Intelligence Dpt is a team of professionals coming exclusively from the operating units of the State Police, DIA, Criminalpol and Carabinieri and are highly specialised in conducting investigations for the collection of evidence in civil and criminal legal proceedings, in order to overcome the burden of proof.

Detailed and precise relationships

At the end of each investigation, the agency will issue a detailed report on the facts that emerged during the investigation, attaching all the documentary evidence, which will constitute a valid proof in an appropriate court.

Services for private citizens

Osint Centre is authorised by the Prefecture of Florence to provide private investigation services in the following areas:
- Marital infidelity
- Premarital
- Family allowance
- Missing persons
- Anonymous telephone calls
- Mining letters
- Paedophilia
- Molesters
- Minor control
- Child custody
- Bad influence
- Satanic sects
- Drug
- Reliability relating to babysitters,
maids and caregivers

Services for law firms
Civil or Criminal

As for the services provided to law firms, Osint Centre and its investigation department aim to make the client aware of facts and situations to protect concrete rights and interests, to assert or defend the client's interest in judicial matters. Below is a list of the main services related to criminal investigations:
- Investigations and search for evidence in favour of the defence
- Investigations for the confirmation of alibis and the Tracing of witnesses
- Calligraphic and dactylographic reports
- Audio investigations
- Investigations on the reliability of witnesses
- Investigations on DNA analyses and
on the comparative results of paternity tests
- Investigations on toxicological analyses
- Ballistic reports

For private investigations: +0039 55 5357441

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