Security management in Italy

Regarding security management, Osint Centre is able to provide outsourcing services to all businesses that do not wish to incur the costs of managing security abroad. We offer the expertise of certified Senior Security Managers, able to deal with all types of problems and the management of internal and external security of the business itself.
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Outsourcing services

Our outsourcing services include:
  • Management of external and/or internal security
  • Elaboration of a business protection plan
  • Risk analysis services for locations and business organisations
  • Development of security policies and procedures
  • Management of false clientele
  • Supply of physical security personnel and access control service
  • Management of relationships with Law Enforcement and Institutions
  • Analyses, audits, and verifications
  • Crisis management: implementation, training, and testing
  • Information security: implementation, audit and testing
  • Industrial counterintelligence services
  • Relocations, risk assessment services
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Security and Intelligence Services

In addition to corporate security we offer qualified support in traditionally external sectors, for example:
  • Business intelligence services
  • Investigation services
  • Partner integrity and reliability checks
  • Counterintelligence services
  • Executive protection services
  • Evacuation services from countries at risk
  • Security audits
  • Personnel training services
  • Elaboration of electronic countermeasures

To receive a quote of the available services, please call 
+39 055 5357441

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