Fraudulent Activity Prevention

Corporate protection against fraud in Italy

Regarding business protection against fraud, Osint Centre is able to provide countermeasures for operational and commercial activities in order to prevent the risk of being defrauded by third parties and/or external threats. Specifically, Osint Centre offers 4 different packages, designed to guarantee corporate competitiveness, in addition offering the proper instruments to take on new markets as well as technological and financial innovations.
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Accurate and Professional Quotes

Through a careful analysis of the company, the managers will assess whether the preventive measures adopted from the previous analysis are sufficient. If insufficient, Osint Centre will proceed to adopt strategies suitable to counteract the potential fraudulent activity.
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Risk assessment

Among Osint Centre's services is our Company Risk Assessment, which analyses the company processes and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of various internal activities. The risk assessment aims to verify and optimise the security standards of the company, as well as to verify that the legal and bureaucratic procedures are fully respected and in compliance with the national and international regulations applicable to that specific business.

Security Audit

Osint Centre offers its clients a Security Audit service, whose goal is to examine the process or business initiative, examining in-depth weaknesses and their causes, improving the internal bureaucracy of the business and scrutinizing the aspects that incur management costs.
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Anti-fraud brochure

To receive a quote for our Corporate Anti-Fraud Protection, please make an appointment at our headquarters on Via Brunelleschi, 1 (Florence)

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