Risk Analysis

Risk Assessment in Italy

A risk analysis performed too late can lead to hasty and ineffective counter measures. It can also happen that the vulnerabilities that emerged from an initial investigation are not removed adequately and definitively, with negative repercussions on the company's competitiveness.
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Risk Analysis

To overcome all these problems and weaknesses, the Risk Analysis carried out by Osint Centre focuses on the following points:
  • The structures of the company
  • The internal organisation of the company
  • The internal and external procedures of the company
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A Detailed and Precise Framework

Osint Centre provides a detailed and precise framework to all its clients:
  • Threats to which the company is exposed
  • The economic impact each risk would have on the reputation of the business
  • Outline of potential repercussions on the business operations
  • Actions to mitigate or eliminate them

Rescue Plans for Employees Abroad

Our Risk Analysis tools are also provided internationally for business ventures that want to delocalise their investments to areas that may be liable to health/natural disaster risks or political and social instability. Osint Centre is able to draw up appropriate evacuation and rescue plans for personnel in at-risk or politically unstable countries to bring them back home safely without any consequences for the company.
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