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Security in Italy

An important key to adjusting to life safely in Italy is an understanding of the popular culture, and its differences from that of the University’s home campus.

Italian cities are very diverse in their subcultures. Each city has its own unique beauties and qualities, as well as its unique dangers. Osint Centre offers free brochures upon request catered to your University’s host city in order to prepare you for the specific experience that your students are about to embark on. 

How Osint helps students adjust to life in Italy safely:

Online Training Program videos prior to departure

• Safety & security orientation Upon Arrival to Italy

• Our Unique Assistance Number provided to students and staff to speak directly with one of our agents for questions/concerns, or in case of emergency

Behavioral Guide distributed upon arrival

• In the event of a crime involving a student, Osint can provide:
o Legal assistance should any student be the victim of theft, assault, fines, or any other crime
o A long-standing relationship with police authorities and the courts.
o Translation assistance 
o Auditing of witness testimony in order to ensure authenticity and prevent misunderstandings

CCTV a Firenze

To request more information or a free Host City Safety Brochure, please contact: 
+39 055 5357441

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