For Businesses and Enterprises

For Business and Enterprises

For civil investigations, Osint provides intelligence to businesses and enterprises that want assessment and protection from risks both inside and outside the venture. We provide company risk assessment, a mapping of company processes for further analysis, security audits, and process risk analyses. These all provide a safer business environment that is protected against fraud. 

Company Risk Assessment

Complete analysis of the company.

The objective is to verify whether the preventative measures:
-Effectively assure all the primary assets of the company
-Are applied in all business areas, including those of partners
-Are coherent
-Do not expose the company and the top management to the legal civil and/or criminal risks
-Allow the company to address the safety of the new operative, commercial and financial scenarios the gathering of evidence

-Assessment of the adequacy of existing procedures with respect to content, standards and asset
-Verification of compliance with the processes
-Quality verification of future services provided and received
-Verification of the congruence of cost/effectiveness of security by searching the areas of improvement (cost reduction at the same level, increasing the efficiency at the same cost)

Mapping the Company Processes

An activity that analyses the company processes and creates a series of modules with contact points to different activities. These contact points highlight unstructured processes, weak points, and strong points. The analysis also describes possible event scenarios with highlighted risk factors and methods of approaching the issues. 

-Assess the future and applied security processes
-verify the risks in the boundary sector or sectors where the procedures were not implemented
-Send the company warning or control signals
-Improve the procedure awareness
-Optimize and homogenize the security standards
-Have a quick instrument of assessing the effects of implementation or changes to procedures
-Save a range of security operating costs

Security Audit

Is performed in case of critical or randomly chosen procedures. The goal is to analyze specific activity and verify whether the procedures are applied correctly and appropriately for the property’s safety. IT also verifies whether operational / production / commercial requirements are met. 

-Study the unclear and critical situation
-Verify the compliance with the procedures and norms
-Improve the efficiency and individualize the bugs
-Plan the process modification and implementation
-Have a tool for comprehensive control
-Identify the specific weak points
-Support the company in pursuing the initiators of the illegal activity 

Process Risk Analysis

Is focused on:
-Critical processes
-Commercial innovations
-Organization and technology
-New partners & businesses
-Products and strategies

Those are important, often fundamental opportunities, but the risk of fraud is very high; an incorrect assessment can cause incalculable damage and loss of business and opportunities.

Objective of the activity: to check the process or the company in order to study the critical factors and their causes, threats, vulnerabilities, context and parallels with similar realities

To identify a specific system including:
-Verification and Control
-Process reviews
Focused on:
-Operative compatibility
-Cost reduction

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